Licensed to Skill

//Licensed to Skill

Licensed to Skill


Licensed to Skill is the 5th album by thirstin Howl the 3rd and features Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Alaskan Fishermen, Rack-Lo, Master Fuol, Unique London, Richie Balance and more.



Feat. Ol’Dirty Bastard, Kokane, Rack-Lo, Alaskan Fishermen, Big Boo, Richie Balance, Master Fool.

1. Brooklyn Bullet Goldcard Membership

2. R Dot Balance featuring Richie Balance

3. Mirackulous featuring Rack-Lo; Lowife

4. Who The Clown featuring Master Fool

5. Do What You Want featuring Alaskan Fishermen

6. The L.O.L.I.F.E. featuring Big Boo; Bek Live

7. U.S.A. (Skit) featuring Unique London

8. The Papers featuring Rack-Lo

9. Ice Pick featuring Alaskan Fishermen

10. Yuh-Yuh featuring Big Boo

11. Nothin Like Me featuring Richie Balance

12. Guilty Until Proven Guilty featuring Rack-Lo; Lowife

13. Oh God! Feat. Godforbid (of Alaskan Fishermen)

14. The Examination (Skit) featuring Unique London

15. Master Fool featuring Master Fool; Kokane

16. The B Double O featuring Big Boo

17. Lo-Wife featuring Rack-Lo; Lowife

18. Catch A Body featuring Big Boo; Richie Balance

19. Cold Up In Here featuring Alaskan Fishermen

20. Wingworms featuring Master Fool; Ol Dirty Bastard


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