The Miami Connection


Album by Thirstin Howl the 3rd with P.Doe and Big Cuzin, featuring Level German Regime Unique London and more.




1. Welcome To The Crib – Big Cuzin

2. Speak For Yourself-big Cuzin, Thirstin

3. Get It In Blood – Thirstin, Black The RIPPER,FISH & Grits

4. The Crown – Thirstin, Unique London

5. So’ Lovely – Big Cizin, P-doe

6. I Love You Hiphop – Thirstin, P-doe

7. Roll Up -Thirstin, P-doe, Mike Shotty

8. Genetic Engineering -thirstin, German Regime

9. Champion Sound – Level, Big Cuzin, Thirstin

10. Gangsta Mama – Thirstin, P-doe

11. Pa La Calle – P-doe, Thirstin

12. Get Money – Thirstin, Big Tee

13. See Them Boyz – Bz, Thirstin, P-doe

14. Keep Ya Eyes Peeled – City, Thirstin, Dre Brown

15. Hearts Desire – Dirt, P-doe, Thirstin, Level

16. She Told Her Freind – Big Cuzin

17. IM About- Bravo, Thirstin, Sofla

18. La Connection – Greico El Padrino

19. No Change Without Pain – P-doe, Black The Ripper, Thirstin, Bz

20. Ima Push Up On Her – Thirstin, Lobo

Total: 20 Songs

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